What is Slowmode? How to Configure it?

Maybe it can be very interesting to see that your Discord channel is active and that many people are participating in it. But, sometimes you might want to cool down your channel a bit and for that, a special mode called Slowmode is available. What is Slowmode?

When you enable slowmode on your channel, then you will restrict the number of messages a user can send to the channel, based on a timed cooldown. In addition, you have the option to customize the time limit between five seconds and two minutes.

What is Slowmode How to Configure it.

But, you have to know that this feature is available only within an individual channel. You cannot apply this function on a server.

How to configure the Slowmode function?

Follow the steps below to configure the slowmode function:

configure-slowmode-discord 1
  1. Go to your channel settings by clicking on the gear icon and go to Edit Channel > Overview.
  2. There you will see the Slowmode option along with a slider next to it, from where you can adjust the time interval you want between messages.
  3. The Slowmode feature is disabled by default, but if you want you can enable it by moving the slider next to it to activate this feature.
  4. At the very least, you will need the “Manage Channel” permission to enable this feature.

This limitation feature will not apply to you if you have Manage Channel, Manage Messages, Administrator permission or if you are the Server Owner.


If a user is limited by this feature, then there is a clear warning that the user is being limited and how long they will have to wait to send the next message.

These remarks are available in the desktop application along with the iOS and Android apps.

Now you know what Slowmode is in Discord and how to set it up… It’s time for you to try it out!