What is Raiding on Discord?

Do you want to know what is raiding in Discord? Then you’ve come to the best possible place, because here we are going to give you all the information you may need on this topic, so you will not have to keep looking for all the information you may need about it.

Surely you have already heard on more than one occasion that within the game games you can perform different missions to achieve a specific goal. In this case we can say that the raid is a type of mission that is usually found in MMO or MMORPG massively multiplayer games.

What is Raidear on Discord

Thus, we must be clear that the term “raid” comes from English and means “raid” or “raid” or “attack”, among other translations or definitions that can be given.

Anyway, it is clear that in order to know what is raiding in Discord we must be clearer about this concept within the games and thus be able to extrapolate it to the platform.

What is the Raid concept?

As we mentioned above, raid missions are missions in which a massive attack on a specific boss or target is performed, which is why they are missions that are usually carried out in MMO games because they involve a large number of players to perform this type of attack.

You must keep in mind that when we refer to a large number of players we are actually referring to a really large number, which goes far beyond what is usually seen in normal game missions.

When are raid attacks carried out? As we mentioned above, these attacks are usually carried out when a boss or opponent is presented that is almost impossible to defeat, so a large number of players are needed to defeat it. These attacks are also usually carried out when a rival or faction cannot be defeated, so players usually organize a raid so that together they can defeat them.

To be able to carry out this type of attacks in online games, players must have the right equipment for the mission they are going to face. In addition, we must take into account that they are missions that are usually carried out in a special part of the map where all players interact.

For example, in games like WoW this type of raids usually take place in the final expansion, where the maximum level of each expansion is 60 levels (WoW classic), level 70 (Terrallende), level 80 (Northrend) and level 85 (Cataclysm).

What is a raid in Discord?

Now that you already have clear what is a Raid in games, now you can have a better idea when we wonder what is raiding in Discord, but we will take care to explain it to you so you do not have any doubt about it.

Within Discord and even on other platforms such as Twitch, a raid is used among streamers as a tool for channel growth. This is because through the raid you can send your viewers to another channel that is broadcasting at that moment in order to make yourself known, as a support for your community to grow.

Thus, streamers who raid at the end of their stream seek to help other content creators to make themselves known, and this can also create bonds between them.

When you receive a raid from another content creator, it is normal to thank him for the help he is giving so that his channel can grow, so it is clear that it is not a small favor that can go unnoticed. That’s why it’s always recommended to thank them and not let it go unnoticed.

Ready, now you know what is raiding on Discord and other platforms, so you should not have any more doubts about this topic, so the next time you hear that a raid will take place in a channel, it means that a large number of viewers of a streaming will visit another.