How to Set Word Priority in Discord?

When Discord groups are very large it is normal that they are quite noisy and sometimes chaos can occur that prevents participants from having a good experience.

That’s why this time we want to explain to you how to set speech priority in Discord quickly and easily.


This can be achieved thanks to a functionality in which one user is allowed to speak at a volume of 11 while the rest speak at a volume of 2. This makes it possible for the person who has priority to speak without annoying distractions.

These priority privileges can be assigned to certain roles or can be given to users by anyone who has the necessary permissions to manage the roles.

In this way, priority can be given to users depending on their role, or it can also be given to individual members to whom you want to give them. Roles can be assigned at the channel level or at the server level, depending on what your needs are.

It is important to note that this role is only useful when using push-to-talk mode. So if you are using the voice activity it will not be very useful.

Steps to give priority to speaking

1.- Setting up a keyboard shortcut

Previously we mentioned that it is necessary to use the Press to talk function, which means that it will be necessary to configure a keyboard shortcut for the function to work.

To do this you have to go to User Settings > Keyboard and Voice Shortcuts > Add Desktop Shortcut. While there, in Action you will have to select the Press to talk option (Priority) and then simply choose a shortcut.


2.- Setting the priority on the server

Once you have established it, the next thing to do is to set it up. To set the priority on the server through roles, you have to go to Server Settings > Roles.

The first thing you will have to do is to configure a role, enabling the priority speaker (below).


3.- Setting the channel priority

In case you want to set the priority in the channels, the first thing you have to do is to disable the word priority in Server Settings > Roles (explained above).

disable-word priority

Once disabled in the whole server, you have to go to Voice channel configuration > Permissions in the anal you want to give access to. It is important that you make sure you add a role or the users you want to give priority to.


When you have selected a role or user, you will now simply have to activate the word priority function. That’s it, now you’ve given priority to the channel specifically and not to the entire server.


Once you have followed these steps you will hear a big difference in conversations, but you will also see a visual difference so that the permissions are clear.

* Note: This function, the word priority function, is only available for the Windows operating system. You don’t have this function in the smartphone app yet, so you won’t be able to set or listen to word priority.