How to set up an Announcement Channel in Discord?

How to set up an Announcement Channel in Discord? If you are a PC gamer, we don’t need to introduce you to Discord, one of the most used applications for gamers around the world thanks to the excellent job it does in keeping members of a team or even large communities in contact, facilitating calls, sending text, images, videos, etc.

One of the great advantages of Discord, is that it can be used on virtually any operating system, either by installing your application or through its website.

Anyway, this time we will show you how to configure an announcement channel in Discord, explaining the steps to follow in a clear and brief way so you can do it in a short time.

How to set up an Announcement Channel in Discord

How to set up an announcement channel

Next, we will guide you step by step so that you can configure the ads in your channel. The process is really simple and quick, so you shouldn’t have any problems or complications following these steps:

  1. First you will need to create a new role by selecting the “Roles” option in the “Server Settings / Server Configuration” menu, then clicking on the “+” option and creating a role called “Announcements / Announcements“.
discord-announcements 1
  1. Next, you will need to give the “Announcements” role to the members you want by clicking on the “Members” option in the Server Settings menu. Then click on the “+” icon on the right side of the members and select “Announcements” from the drop-down menu that will appear.
members-server-discord 2
  1. Now you will need to create your “Announcements” text or channel by clicking on the “+” icon in the channel list.
create-channel-ads-discord 3
  1. The channel must have the name “Announcements” and then click the button that says “Create“.
create discord text channel 4
  1. Now, you will need to limit the ability to make announcements in this channel to only those members who have been assigned the “Announcements” role in order to set the proper permissions on the channel. To do this you will need to go to the Channel Settings and click on the gear icon next to the channel name.
edit discord channel 5
  1. Within the Configuration menu that will open you have to select the “Permissions” option.
permissions-discord 6
  1. Then, you have to click on the role of all users and deny the “Send messages” permissions.
send-messages-discord 7
  1. Click on the “+” icon and select the “Announcements” role.
roll-of-advertisements-discord 8
  1. When you have selected the “Announcements” role to be able to change the channel permissions for this role, select the green check mark to be able to enable sending messages using this role.
select-roll-of-advertisements-discord 9
  1. That’s it, now only members who have been selected with the “Announcements” role will be able to send messages.

Ready, as you can see the process is really quick and easy, you just have to follow the 10 steps we have explained above and you should not have any complications to finish.

Now, you know how to set up an announcement channel in Discord.