How to Set Bots in Discord?

In this tutorial we are going to explain you how to put bots on Discord in a fast, simple and, above all, effective way. So you can have bots on your server without having to complicate too much, which undoubtedly makes the whole process much faster and effective.

As you may already know, one of the main advantages that Discord offers us is that it is an application that is not only for players, but actually allows you to create all kinds of communities or servers that can be improved and automated through the use of bots.

How to put bots on discord

As time has gone by, bots of all kinds have been added, from those that fulfill functions related to the administration of the channel to others that allow you to create games for the members of the channel or play music. But remember that you have to be the server administrator to add a bot, so if you are not, you need to request this status to be able to add the bot, or ask the administrators to do it themselves.

Steps to add a bot to your Discord server

Steps to set up a bot in discord 1

As we have already mentioned above and as you may already know, Discord has support for bots, although these have to be added using external sources. That is why, the first thing we will have to do is to look for the pages where the bots that are available will be indexed.

Some of the most popular ones are Discord Bot List, Bot are Discord and Carbonitex, although the truth is that the options are very varied and we can find many of them available. You can even just do a search as Discord Bots in Google and you will see that the results that appear are many and varied.

To make this tutorial we are going to show you how to do it from Discord Bot, so this is the platform you should use if you want to follow step by step what we are going to teach you, although you should keep in mind that the steps are usually similar for all these platforms.

how to set up a bot in discord 2

In this page we can follow the process in two ways: using the search engine directly or searching in the bot index to find the bots we are interested in, either by typing the number or terms that can help us to find it.

In some cases we can also find different types of categories that are of great help to find similar or related bots. This can also be very useful in some cases.

add bot to discord server 3

From the bot index, this page gives us the option to directly add a bot to one of our servers or see a description of what the bot offers. Remember that it is very important that before adding it to your server you must read the description of the bot so you can be sure that it offers just what you are looking for and that it has the features you need.

add bot to discrod server 4

After you have read all the information that is related to the bot, and after you have found the best option for your server, the only thing you have to do is select the add bot to your server button, which usually simply says Add to Server, so that the process starts so that the bot can be added to your server.

add bot to discord server 5

After clicking on the button you will see that opens a new tab within the Discord page (in which you must already be logged in) and where you will see the process to add the bot to the server.

Keep in mind that, during this process, it is important that you choose which server you want to add it to, and remember that it is very important to read all the permissions that you will have to give it. In case you accept all these permissions, you only need to click on the Authorize button for the bot to be added to your profile.

bot added on discord server 6

Ready, now you will have finished the process to put a bot in Discord, so now you should be able to use it in your channel without major complications. Remember that you must be attentive to the links that add a welcome message, since in these messages you will usually find the support web page and the instructions that you must follow to use it without complications.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want with all the bots you want to add. So now you know how to put Bots in Discord in a quick and easy way, because, as you may have noticed in this tutorial, the steps you have to follow are not especially complicated, so you should not have many problems following the tutorial of how to put bots on Discord and then doing it on your own.