How to Change the Language in Discord?

Discord is an application that stands out for allowing you to easily communicate with your teammates, friends or colleagues through text, images, videos and audio. This has quickly made it one of the most used applications in the gaming community today.

Through all the options that Discord provides, users from different regions of the world use this application, so it is not surprising that we can use this platform in different languages.

how to change the language in discord

Considering that it has millions of users worldwide, the vast majority of languages are available on Discord.

In which languages can you use Discord?

As we mentioned before, the list of languages available in Discord is very large, and the following can be highlighted:

  • Portuguese/Brazilian.
  • Bulgarian.
  • Danish.
  • Romanian.
  • Russian.
  • German.
  • Finnish.
  • Ukrainian.
  • English (UK).
  • Swedish.
  • Thailand.
  • English (US).
  • Hungarian.
  • Vietnamese.
  • Chinese.
  • Spanish.
  • Turkish.
  • Japanese.
  • French.
  • Polish.
  • Czech.
  • Croatian.
  • Italian.
  • Chinese (Taiwan).
  • Korean.
  • Greek.
  • Dutch.
  • Lithuanian.
  • Norwegian.

These are all the languages currently supported by Discord, so you can choose to use the program in any of these languages without further complications.

The process to change the language is quite simple, but so that there is no confusion we will now explain it step by step.

How to change the language in Discord

These are the simple steps you have to follow to be able to change the language to Discord:

  1. Open the Discord application.
  2. Now go to Settings by selecting the gear discord language
  3. In the left column look for and select the Language option.
  4. Now you will see a list of all the languages that are available in the application. Select the language you want to use from the list.discord-language-list

Done, once you have selected the language in the list you will notice how the entire application interface is changed to this language. You can go back and change it at any time in case you prefer another language.