How to Change the APPEARANCE / Theme in DISCORD?

In this article, we will explain step by step how to change the appearance or theme in Discord, so if you have arrived here it means that you already know what Discord is, what it is for and what are the many advantages it offers for players, so we will not waste time explaining things you already know.

As it is an application that can be used in almost any device with a screen and Internet connection, you should be able to change the appearance without complications.

How to Change the APPEARANCE Theme in DISCORD

How to change the appearance/theme in Discord in a few steps

Sometimes, it can be a bit complicated to choose a theme that we feel comfortable with. But it is normal that, when it starts to get dark we want to use a dark theme so that the screen shines less and does not tire our eyes before starting our game.

Fortunately, in Discord the theme change can be done very easily and you should not have any problem to make the modification quickly. These are the steps you have to follow to make the change.

Steps to change the theme in Discord

  1. First, start by selecting the “Settings” option and then select the “Appearance” tab.
appearance-discord 1
  1. In the page that will appear, you will be able to see the different changes that you can make in the appearance of the program.
configure-appearance-discord 2
  1. In the section that says “Themes” you will see that there are two options: “Light” and “Dark” or “Light” and “Dark“, just select the theme you want to use and that’s it.
  2. Under the theme options, you will notice that there are two options for the display of messages. Normally “Cozy” is the option that is selected, as it displays the messages in a more sophisticated and modern way, showing the icon of each user in the chat window. While the “Compact” option shows a version closer to the normal one, without icons and in a way that you can easily see more messages in the same advantage.

Cozy and dark

cozy-dark-discord 3

Fitted and lit

adjusted-highlighting-discord 4

That’s it! With this, you can play with these four options to get the look you are most comfortable with throughout the program or in chat windows.