How to Use the Spoilers in Discord?

You don’t know how to use spoilers in Discord? Don’t know what this term refers to in Discord? Well, in this article we will give you the information you need to use them without any problem.

If you are still not very familiar with these types of messages, you should know that they are messages in which part of the text can be hidden, thus avoiding unwanted spoilers.

discord spoiler

Now, we will explain further what they are and how to use the spoiler function…

What is a spoiler?

In conversations the word spoiler is usually accompanied by a negative connotation, since in short a spoiler is the revelation of important information about the plot of a movie, video game, series, book, etc.

For example, you’re looking forward to the season finale of your favorite show and a person who has seen it before tells you what happens without you asking.

When we talk about messages, the word spoiler may have a somewhat different message, but it is directly related to the meaning we have mentioned above.

In Discord, making a spoiler means hiding information in a kind of pocket. People won’t be able to see this information in the preview message, so they have to click on the spoiler to see the information in it.

what is a spoiler in discord

Users can insert spoilers into Discord in the following:

  • A file or a link to a file.
  • Text message.
  • Image.
  • Emoji.
  • Invitation link.
  • Mention to users.

The spoilers are hidden behind a black box that covers the content preventing it from being seen at first sight.

Learn how to make a spoiler on Discord

The truth is that we can find different ways to hide information, which we will explain below:

  1. Once you have written your text, select it using the mouse.
  2. A menu will appear, looking for the option “Mark as spoiler” which is on an icon with an eye.
  3. Select that icon and now send in the message.
spoiler icon

An alternative method of writing spoilers on Discord is this:

  1. Add two vertical lines || before and after the message you are about to send.
  2. Send the message and you will notice that the information will automatically be hidden.
two vertical lines spoiler discord

Third method to write spoilers in Discord:

  1. Write /spoiler before the text.
  2. Write the rest of the information and send the message.
this is a spoiler in discord

All the methods explained above can be used in both the desktop and the mobile version of Discord.