Configuring Data Privacy Controls on Discord

Discord is today one of the most used platforms on the internet, being the favorite option of the big gamer community, but also being used by friends, work teams and all kinds of communities that want to have a more striking and fluid communication experience.

Considering the great success of this platform and how much it has grown, it’s really not surprising that they have a lot of Data and Privacy options to change the Private Data Control in your application. That is, you can configure the application in a way that you feel safe.

configuring data privacy controls on discord

To make it easy for you, in this article we are going to give you all the information you need to be able to edit your privacy settings easily and feel comfortable with the information other people can see about you.

How to edit the Data Privacy Controls in Discord

In order to begin the process of reviewing your Privacy Settings, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Discord application.
  2. Then go to User Settings > Privacy and Security.

In this window you will be able to configure various privacy and security options for your account. Now let’s explain what the following options are and what they can be used for:

Use of statistics

If you decide to disable this option, Discord will no longer be able to track:

  • How you interact and use Discord.
  • How you can navigate Discord apart from the basic data that is necessary to provide the service.

If you disable this option your DIscord account will no longer be eligible for experiments and platform testing. It also prevents Discord from automatically improving your voice quality as you use it.

By disabling this option, all previously shared information will become anonymous and private.

Personalization of data

This kind of data is used by Discord to give you a better experience. This information is used by Discord to maintain and update the Gamer tab.

So, if you disable this option, you will lose access to certain features such as personalized suggestions and recommendations.

By disabling this option, all previously shared information will be made anonymous and discarded.

As you can see, increasing these security measures can affect how the program can improve your experience, so we recommend that you only disable them if you are sure that they will not significantly affect your usage experience when you are using Discord to communicate.